Educational-Psychology Center Refurbished Just in Time for Summer

Every boy who arrives at IPODERAC is at a disadvantage compared with his peers when it comes to academic, intellectual, and cognitive skills as well as motor abilities.

The main objective of the Educational-Psychology Center is to promote the learning ability of both kids and teenagers.  

Specifically, the Educational-Psychology Center: 

  • Establishes appropriate steps in improving academic, skill, or cognitive problemspsicopedagogia.JPG
  • Oversees and evaluates the boys' development through academic material
  • Creates a communication plan with school teachers to work together
  • Ensures that boys receive the psychological and academic tools they need for complete development

Thanks to a grant from the Knox Family in the amount of $6,155 this important working area was refurbished this year.  In the past, the area was poorly built and furnished.  Proper walls and floors have been installed so that drastic temperature changes in summer months do not affect the boys' focus.

The Center was also lacking material appropriate for the older boys.  They now have sturdy tables and chairs that are big enough for the older boys.  The area has also acquired materials and equipment that promote the development of traits such as knowledge, abilities, teamwork, and self-esteem.

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