IPODERAC Cheese Now Available in Supermarkets in Mexico

When IPODERAC was created 44 years ago, the founders were committed to making the organization self-sustainable.  One of the biggest on-site workshops that allows IPODERAC to cover most of its own costs is the cheese factory.

Originally made from goats milk from IPODERAC's own goats, the organic cheeses are a nationally recognized brand that have won international contests.  IPODERAC has began to introduce its cheeses in 130 supermarkets in Mexico under the brand name "Campo Viejo".  Due to this opportunity, the cheese factory must be improved and expanded to comply with quality requirements and meet production needs.

The improvement of the cheese factory will allow IPODERAC to continue with its strategic planning, including creating an institution for girls in vulnerable situations, and offering its education methodology to like-minded organizations.

Thanks to a donation from The Frederick and Margaret L. Weyerhaeuser Foundation in the amount of $16,570, the cost of the second phase of the project has been funded as well as many other important projects at IPODERAC. 

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