Requesting Support For The Higher Education Of These 12 Young Men

Friends and family – We are reaching out again this year requesting your support for the higher education of 12 young men at IPODERAC, the home for homeless and abandoned boys in central Mexico. Many of you have supported these scholarships in the past and we are making this important ask of you again. (You can donate here.)

I will keep this email short and humbly ask that you watch this quick 3-minute video of two young men, who many of you supported last year, sharing their gratitude to you. The video features Jonathan Reséndiz Cruz who is studying to be a Technical Management Assistant as well as Walter Padilla Sorto who is studying to be a nurse.

The average cost for each boy to attend university or technical school is only $1,700 per year. As you can see from the video, this investment in their higher education is giving them the kind of hope for their future that many of them never considered possible.

Thanks for all you have done for IPODERAC!

Here is the link to donate to support the education of the 12 young men below.

Jesús Francisco Rodríguez Alvarado
Rodrigo Segura del Moral
Raúl Rivera Calderón
Fernando Mata Moreno
Efraín López Solís
Gabriel Hernández Muar
Simón Juan Carlos Hernández
Walter Padilla Sorto
Gerardo Hernández Muar
Jimmy Javier Rivera Cruz
Gabriel Hernández Morales
Alejandro Mata Moreno

With our greatest appreciation,
IPODERAC’s Children Fund

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