Thank you from ICF!

During this holiday season, ICF would like to share with you a special story of thanks:

Two years ago, when ICF Board Member, August Ritter, was volunteering at IPODERAC, his girlfriend, Perri, went to visit him.  She brought with her almost 100 homemade cookies and some Rice Crispy Treats.  The boys quickly fell in love with these homemade treats they had never tasted before.  As the youngest boys were eating the delicious Rice Crispy Treats, 6-year old Toño asked Perri in Spanish, "What are these treats made out of?"  Perri responded, "It is simple.  It is just cereal, marshmallows and butter."  Toño then thanked her for each individual ingredient as sincerely has the 6-year old could.

IPODERAC's Children Fund and the boys at IPODERAC are grateful for all your support this year.

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