Three Ways to Support IPODERAC this Holiday Season

Covid-19 has made for a very tough year at the IPODERAC Boys' Home and at the IPODERAC Girls' Home. All the children and all of the staff have been quarantined since March. With very little exception, no has come to either campus, and no one has left. Together, they’ve supported one another, and they’ve made it through the year, but it’s been a long, difficult, and isolating time.

To make this holiday special for the children and for the staff who serve them, there are three ways we can help:

1. Contribute to a $500 fund to buy holiday lights

Below are “before” pictures. In a few weeks, we’ll send to each contributor a few “after” pictures – showing how holiday lights purchased with our support have brightened each campus and the lives of the children and the staff who are quarantined there.

2. Contribute to a $2,350 fund to provide a $50 gift card to each staff member

To care for the children on-site and around the clock, a total of 47 staff members have worked every day, seven days a week, without a weekend or a break. To show the appreciation of the children and the community which supports them, a little gift card for each staff member would mean a lot.

3. Contribute to a $15,000 scholarship fund to provide post-secondary education to IPODERAC teenagers

For nearly 25 years, supporters of IPODERAC in the United States have been providing scholarship funds each year to pay for post-secondary education on behalf of motivated IPODERAC teenagers. Now, with the IPODERAC Girls' Program open and teenage girls beginning to graduate from high school, the size and impact of the scholarship fund will be all the larger. At holiday time, announcing the availability of sufficient funds to sponsor every deserving IPODERAC youth will make a tremendous impact.

To make a contribution to this year's holiday and scholarship fund:
  1. Click here to donate online. Your donation is tax-deductible in the United States.

  2. Mail a check to:
    IPODERAC's Children Fund
    PO Box 371042
    Denver, CO 80237

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