Volunteer House Completed!

For those of you who have been following the progress of the volunteer house, the construction is complete!

The final details, such as purchasing furniture, were finished in August and visitors have already been able to enjoy the new accommodations. Thanks to generous donations, this new house will allow IPODERAC to host visitors and volunteers without disrupting the boys and their routines.

Volunteers and visitors have always been an important part of IPODERAC.  They contribute new ideas and provide a vital source of labor.  More importantly, they create bonds so the youth can learn about different cultures and develop a sense of respect and appreciation.

Before the new volunteer house there was not an appropriate structure at IPODERAC to receive small groups or to house as many long-term visitors as are needed.  A small house on campus was once used to host visitors, but it is no longer structurally safe. 

In many instances, IPODERAC has had to temporarily relocate the 12 boys living in one of the 6 resident houses in order to open bed space for volunteers or visitors.  Because this is disruptive, the time visitors stay may be limited.  The accommodations are also often uncomfortable since they were built and equipped for children.

IPODERAC began construction on the new volunteer house in May 2011.  The new house has a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, 3 bedrooms each with their own bathroom, a laundry room, and a patio with a view of the volcano Popocatépetl .

Special thanks go to the Hugh and Michelle Harvey Family Foundation for their grant in the amount of $16,500, and Montview Boulevard Presbyterian Church for their grant in the amount of $20,000 that enabled IPODERAC to finalize this project.


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